Nov 20-24th

I enjoyed meeting you during the Parent Teacher Interviews! It was nice to actually sit down and chat with you. 🙂

I promised some parents I would post a few links to some of the learning songs we do in class!

Jolly Phonics song about the sounds of each letter-

Letters start at the top- or with children singing it–

This week in KB:

Sight word- GO

Letter- N

Math- #6 and part part whole activities (PPW)

What is Part Part Whole?                                                                                                              Part part whole relationships (PPW) involve seeing numbers as being made of two or more parts. Many researchers have said this is the major conceptual achievement of the early years. A strong understanding of PPW has been shown to increase understanding of subsequent work with place value, number concepts, and word problems.

After students learn to count, they need to work on part part whole relationships before beginning addition and subtraction. The Hands On Math program follows this order.

As in the other number relationships, students use counting as a scaffold to form their ideas about PPW. When students are exploring parts of a number, they need to work with one number in a variety of ways and with a variety of concrete materials. We also want to use a multisensory approach, which requires visualization and begins to move students away from relying on their counting skills.


Christmas Families and Spirit Day Fundraiser – Our students will be involved in a spirit day fundraiser to support our Christmas families. We are asking parents who would like to do one cash donation to our Christmas Family Program to send their contributions to the school before December 15.

Hers’s the list of Spirit Days!

November 24th-PJ Day

December 1st Crazy Hair/Hat day

December 8th Red, Green and White Day

December 15th Backwards Day /Bubble gum day (I will be giving them bubblegum to chew in class)

December 22nd Christmas/Winter Sweater Day! (no donations)


Update for Nov 14th-16th

Parent-Teacher Interviews are happening this week. I am looking forward to meeting with everyone! No school on Friday!

Book Fair will take place on Wednesday- Friday. If you would like your child to buy a book, send in the money and Miss Dalziel or myself will take him/her to the book fair.

This week in KB:

letter- M

Sight word- to


Update for Nov 6-10th

We survived Halloween!! 🙂

Last week we worked on reading and writing. In Reader’s Workshop we talked about pictures give us clues, private reading and partner reading. In our writing (book making) we worked on adding details to our pictures.

This week we will work on what partner reading looks like and we will practice it! We have 2 goals set up for writing this week. First, adding details and then assessing your work. Second, writing a beginning sound (first sound you hear) of a word.

The school will be participating in a Remembrance Day Assembly on Friday morning. It will be quick but it will focus on Canada and the freedom we have. We will be talking about Remembrance Day this week and preparing a wreath for our Remembrance Day assembly on Friday. Just a reminder that there is no school on Monday, November 13th in honour of this day.

Parent-teacher conference times will go home this week. I hope the times are convenient for you, but if not please do not hesitate to contact me to arrange a better time. (

CLOTHING- Please make sure your child has appropriate clothing for outdoor playtime. I’m also asking parents to make sure you send extra clothes and a plastic bag in case of a bathroom accident.

Mrs. Chubb will be in on Friday as I have an appointment. Of course, Miss.Dalziel will be with the class too!!

This week in KB

letter: R

sight word- can

math- 1-5


Dates to Remember

November 8 – Picture retakes

November 13 – Remembrance Day/no school

Nov. 15 – Learning Reports sent home

Nov. 16 – Parent Teacher Interviews (evening & after school)

Nov. 17 – Parent Teacher Interviews/no School

Nov. 15-17 – Scholastic Book Fair


Update for Oct 30th- Nov 2nd

No school Friday Nov. 3rd!

Music- Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

Phys.Ed- Thursday

Library- Monday

Tuesday Oct 31st is our Halloween Party! The children need to arrive dressed in their costume! The whole school is going on a parade that starts at 9:00am and we’ll play a few games then get ready for outside! Miss Dalziel and I will put all the costumes in your child’s backpack so they’ll be ready for Halloween night!! 🙂

Oct 31st- Nov 2nd- REVIEW WEEK

Sight words- the/ you/ see/ like

Letters- E/ F/D/ P

Parent-Teacher Interviews

Parent-teacher interview are Thursday Nov 17th evening and Friday Nov 18th morning.

I am in the process of setting up times for you to come into the school to meet with me. Please email me at if you request a certain time and if you don’t a note will go home with your child on the day and time.

Thank-you! Enjoy this beautiful day!

Update for Oct 23-27th

Welcome to KB Miss.Dalziel (DL)! Everyone is very excited to have a new teacher in our class for 8 weeks!

Halloween Party will take place Tuesday Oct. 31st. Please have your child arrive in their costume and before recess Ms.Dalziel and I will put the costumes their backpacks. Please keep any accessories home – crowns, knives, wands etc…. they might not make it home for the big night! Thank-you 🙂

This week we’ll be busy working on Phonological Awareness (PA).

What is Phonological Awareness?

  • Phonological awareness is the ability to recognize and work with sounds in spoken language.
  • Phonological awareness is the foundation for learning to read.

People often think that reading begins with learning to sound out letters. Most young kids are getting ready to read, however, long before they learn that letters stand for sounds. Reading actually starts with kids tuning in to the sounds of spoken words. That’s where phonological awareness comes in.

Phonological awareness is a skill that allows kids to recognize and work with the sounds of spoken language. In preschool, it means being able to pick out rhyming words and count the number of syllables in a name. It also involves noticing how sounds repeat themselves (alliteration). For example, “Susie sold six salami sandwiches.”

Later, phonological awareness moves from noticing to doing. Kids can come up with rhyming words, and they can break words apart into syllables or single sounds by listening rather than clapping.

Phonological awareness is made up of a group of skills. The most sophisticated is called phonemic awareness. It’s also the latest to develop. This skill lets kids tune into individual sounds (phonemes) in a word. It includes the ability to separate a word into the sounds that make it up and to blend single sounds into words. It also involves the ability to add, subtract or substitute new sounds in words.


This Week in KB:

Letter: B

Sight Word- see

Numbers- 1-5

Phys.Ed- Monday, Thursday and Friday

Music- Tuesday and Wednesday

Theme: Mrs.Wishy-Washy


Update for Oct 16-18th

PD Days – There will be no school Thursday Oct 19th and Friday Oct 20th.

Happening in KB this week:

Letter: P

Sight word- Like

UPEI Education will be starting with us Monday Oct 23rd and will stay with us until Friday Dec 15th.  We’re very lucky to have Katelyn Dalziel (pronounced DL- Ms.DL) join us for her 8 week placement!! I am sure she’ll enjoy her time in KB.

  1. Food Drive – We will be having a food drive for the month of October. Please drop off all item to the lobby.