Last Blog for Kindergarten

I had a great year with the children and you, the parents.  You made my job much easier through your support, kind words and working with your child. The children made lots of friends and learned how to be a friend!! I am very proud of each of their accomplishments and will miss them next year! We have some friends moving to different provinces and different schools for September. It will be hard for us to say good bye to them!! 😦  You might notice or hear your child talk about this over the next few days. Mrs.Cutting and I will try to keep things “normal” and fun though this sad time!

Monday- We will celebrate Canada Day and music- We have some friends that won’t be with us on Wednesday so we wouldn’t want them to miss out on the fun!

Tuesday- Sports Day and Phys.Ed

Wednesday- Music and Clean the classroom- This will allow them closure to Kindergarten.

Thanks for a great year!! I was blessed to have a wonderful class and EA (Mrs.Cutting)!! I really don’t want to let everyone go!!!! Enjoy your summer and I wish each of you health and a fun safe summer!

PS- Please keep an eye out for pictures over the next week! You have heard the last of me yet! LOL

June 19-21st

The last full week of Kindergarten!! 😦   I am going to try to keep this week as normal as possible. We’ll continue to work and keep our routine! There will be no new sight words to learn but we’ll review them this week!

This week in KB:

Monday- Phys.Ed and library

Tuesday- music and I am taking a personal day so Mrs.Chubbs will be in. Please send any messages on a note or via the office to ensure she receives it! Thanks

Wednesday- Talent Show Day and Phys.Ed

Thursday- Field Trip Day- We’ll leave the school at 8:45 (please arrive on time or you the run the risk of missing the bus) and return at 2:30! We’re going to King’s Castle for the day! Let’s hope for nice weather! Pack a lunch, lots of water and put on sunscreen!

Friday- Rain date for Field Trip or Friday Fun Day in the class!  Phys.Ed

Update for June 12-16th

Hello!! I just realized I didn’t send out a blog for this week!!

Permission slips for our End of Year Field Trip was sent home last night. Please sign it and return it to school so your child can join us on that day!

Camping Day will be Wednesday June 14th. Your child can bring in a blanket and or a teddy bear. We will make tents in the class and enjoy a fun day with friends! Of course, we will read and eat in the tents!! 🙂

Sight word this week will be /are/

Math- review patterns and part part whole

Phys.Ed- Tues and Thursday

Music- Monday, Tuesday (extra music day) Wednesday and Friday

If you have any library books at home, please return them this week! Thanks

Update for June 5-9th

18 days left of school! I wish I could keep this class for another year! However, I am pleased to say they’re ready for grade1!! Everyone worked hard and developed at their own speed and everyone made progress!!!!!! What a great year! I have enjoyed every minute with this class and Mrs.Cutting! The fun isn’t over yet and we have some special things planned for the month!

Tuesday June 6th is Toy Day! Everyone can bring a toy and show and share it with their friends.

Wednesday June 7th Ben’s grandmother is coming in to have a sing along with us.

Wednesday June 14th we’re having a “Camping Day”. We’ll make tents with blankets and table. We will draw maps and read books in our tents.

Wednesday June 21st will be our Talent Show in our class. Everyone has a talent (dancing, telling jokes, hula hoop, skipping, etc…) and we want to show it off to their friends.

Thursday June 22nd is our field trip to King’s Castle. Rain date is Friday June 23rd.


Open House for Donagh-Zoned Students & Parents

Open house taking place on June 15th from 6:30-7:30 at Donagh Regional for students and parents that are being re-zoned to Donagh for the new school year.

This week in KB

Math- 3-D shapes

letters- vowels and printing lower case letters

music- Tuesday and Thursday

Phys Ed- Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Planting seeds

Mapping our community/ school


Spring Fling and Bike to school Day

Tickets will be on sale tomorrow! Every game, activity and treats require at least one ticket! It’s a fun evening and a great way to raise money for the school! Each ticket is 50 cents!


Bike to School Week is a fun, week-long celebration promoted by the Town of Stratford. Glen Stewart Primary School will be supporting this initiative by encouraging the students and families of our community to bike to school the week of June 5th to 9th. We will end this week long event with a celebratory “Ride to School Day” from the Stratford Town Hall on Friday, June 9th with a rain date scheduled for Monday, June 12th. Students and families who would like to participate in this day are to meet at the trail that borders Shakespeare Drive in front of the Stratford Town Hall by 7:45 a.m. The planned departure time will be at 7:55 a.m. We are asking parent(s) and/or guardians to accompany their child or children in Kindergarten and Grade 1 on this ride. Grade 2 and 3 students are free to bike without their parent(s) and/or guardian(s) but we encourage everyone in our school community to participate. Upon arrival students will be line up in their grades along the trail with our Grade 3 students taking the lead, followed by our Grade 2’s, Grade 1’s and Kindergarten students. We will have some chaperones that will also ride with the students to the school as well. The Town of Stratford will be providing refreshments at the end of the ride in the school gymnasium for those who have participated. We are also looking for a couple of parent volunteers to ride with student(s) and to help bikers cross the road at Glen Stewart. If you are interested please contact Chris Meuse at

Spring Fling Friday!!!!

We would like to thank everyone for the support they have shown for the upcoming Spring Fling.  The final preparations are being taken care of and there are just a few reminders we would like to share:


  1. We will be pre-selling tickets at each school on Thursday and Friday, June 1 & 2 during lunch hour. Tickets will also be available during the event.  Proceeds from advance ticket sales will go to the respective school.  Proceeds from the night of the event will be divided equally.  Tickets are 50 cents each.


  1. Dessert Cafe Items can be dropped off at Glen Stewart Primary during school hours on Friday, June 2.


  1. We hope to have the volunteer sign in station located on the grass in front of Glen Stewart Primary. If weather does not allow that to happen please enter the school and look for the “volunteer Sign In Station” sign.  Student volunteers will be available to show you to your assigned station.


  1. We are short just a few volunteers at this point. If you are able to help please sign up using the doodle poll link      or by email