Update for Oct 16-18th

PD Days – There will be no school Thursday Oct 19th and Friday Oct 20th.

Happening in KB this week:

Letter: P

Sight word- Like

UPEI Education will be starting with us Monday Oct 23rd and will stay with us until Friday Dec 15th.  We’re very lucky to have Katelyn Dalziel (pronounced DL- Ms.DL) join us for her 8 week placement!! I am sure she’ll enjoy her time in KB.

  1. Food Drive – We will be having a food drive for the month of October. Please drop off all item to the lobby.



Teddy Bear Clinic Wednesday

Please bring in a teddy bear to participate in the Nursing Students’ Clinic Day tomorrow!


Glen Stewart Primary will be having a food drive during the month of October. Please send in any non-perishable items to the main lobby, where we have a table set up to collect items.  All collected items will then be given to the Food Bank to help out families in need.

Thank you for your continued support!

Update for Oct 2-5th

Friday Oct 6th- No School- PD Day

Monday Oct 9th- No school- Thanksgiving

International Walk to School Day- A reminder to parents that Glen Stewart Primary School will be hosting a walk to school day on Monday, October 2nd. Students and families who would like to participate in this day are to meet at the Stratford Town Hall by 7:35 a.m. with a departure at 7:45 a.m. sharp. Families are encouraged to walk together but we will have some chaperons to walk with all of the participating students on this day. There will also be volunteers that will be helping students to cross Glen Stewart Dr. One notable change from other years is that we are going to ask families to gather on the Stratford Trail opposite the Town Hall along Shakespeare Dr. Refreshments will be provided to all participants at the end of the walk in the gymnasium

We have talked a lot about how to be a friend and telling stories on the “Author’s chair”. We will prepare a drawing so we can talk (read) it to our Grade 1 book buddies this week! All reading/writing begins with the art of story telling!

The children have learned so much already and we have only been in a school for a month. I am very proud of each of them!!  We didn’t really have enough time with the sight word /the/ so we’ll do it again this week. I am not going to rush them and if we need to take 2 weeks to cover something I am okay with that! 🙂

This week in KB:

UPEI Nursing students will be in again this week for a couple of days.

UPEI Education student, Kate Dalziel, will be in to observe Wednesday and Thursday. She will do her practicum teaching with us starting Oct 23 until Dec 15th.  Looking forward to having Kate learn with us!

Letter: E

Sight Word- the

Rhyming  words

Fall – leaves changing colours and harvest (Thanksgiving)

Phys. Ed- Wednesday and Thursday

music- Monday and Tuesday

Thanksgiving assembly- Thursday

Enjoy the upcoming long weekend!


Update for Sept 25th-29th

Hello Parents!!

Another great week in KB! This week we’re going to spend the week talking about friends and how to be a friend (share, be kind, include each other, use kind words etc…). A very  important life lesson! 🙂

This week in KB:

letter F- how to form the letter (starting in the starting corner big straight line down, frog jump up little line out and go to the middle and little line out) and the sound it makes.

sight word- the

Theme- Fall and Friends- both start with F 🙂

UPEI nursing students will be in again this week. They will host  a Teddy Bear Clinic for us on October 11th and a questionnaire will go  home soon.  This is a fun way to wrap up our time with the nursing students!

School Notices

  • Our school breakfast program will start Monday morning.
  • We will be participating in a Terry Fox Fun Run this upcoming Friday (29th).  All children are being asked to donate a dollar or two to this cause. Thank you!

Have a great week



Update from the office

The Breakfast Program will begin on Monday, September 25th. Thank you to those who have volunteered their time and effort to this great initiative.

The Breakfast Program is supported by a limited budget and is intended to support students who have breakfast needs from home. This program is not to support social connections – we will promote this in other ways. Having said this, we ask only those students who are in need of breakfast participate in the program.

Update for Sept 18-21st -Picture Day Monday

WOW we did it… first full week over! Everyone learned a lot this week! I am amazed how quickly we’re remembering the routine, where the bathroom is, how to line up and just going to the buses! Their little heads must be spinning ! I am so happy to see friendships starting to form! This is going to be a great year!!

Picture Day is Monday so come with your biggest smile! The proofs will go home in a couple of weeks and then you decide what you want to order. The pictures usually takes 6 weeks to be sent back to you.

Wednesday and Thursday, two nursing student will be joining us.  As part of their second year of study, they’re to spend time with Kindergarten students and observe the various stages of development. They will be with us at different times throughout the next few weeks.  It’s great to have extra hands to help out in the classroom these first weeks!

This week we will discover our printing program by drawing “Mat Man”.  He consists of big curves, little curves, big lines, and little lines.   Who Is Mat Man?                                                                                                                           From classroom personality to storybook hero, Mat Man is a favorite among young children. You’ll be amazed with your students’ ability to draw a person after building Mat Man for the first time!  Please see the Mat Man tab above for more information! 

This week in KB:

Library- will be Wednesday

Phys.Ed- Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Music- Wednesday and Friday

Nursery rhymes, stories (3 Little Pigs) and Mat Man

I will be out Thursday and Friday and Mrs.Chubbs will be the sub! Please send any notes in lunch boxes, homework bags or call the school (569-0550) as I won’t be checking my emails on those days! Thank-you 🙂

The animoto (class “movie”) will be emailed to you this week through my Campus Kids account. Please be sure to look for the name campus kids so you can watch the “movie”!!

Here’s to another great week!!