Update for Jan 29th- Feb 2nd

Our first week of fundations went very well! The children enjoy “Echo” and the white board! haha!! A package went home today in homework bags explaining our plan for next week. We’ll be working on m/n!

Sight words- Review-  /look/ come/my/    new word is- /here/

Please return library books on Monday!

I finally got my camera fixed so keep an eye out for a new animoto!!

No school on Wednesday Jan 31st due to a PD Day!

Have a good weekend! We had a lot of friends out sick this week so I hope they’re feeling better!



Update for Jan 22-26th

Welcome back Tarun!! Everyone is very excited to see you and hear about your trip to India!!

Fundations started last and everyone did great. We’ll start unit 1 week 1 days 1-5 this week! I sent home a package on Friday about what we’ll be working on this week. Please check your child’s homework bag!

Homework bags- Please send them to school each day. Reading books will only go home in the homework bags. Thank-you!

New student- We have a new boy from China. His name is Eric and he started on Friday. The boys and girls were very helpful to him and he seems happy and comfortable in our class! Welcome to KB, Eric!

We will continue to learn about penguins!

Math- part part whole (Part part whole relationships (PPW) involve seeing numbers as being made of two or more parts. … When students are exploring parts of a number, they need to work with one number in a variety of ways and with a variety of concrete materials.)

letters with foundations- t, f, b

Have a great week 🙂




Fundations is an intervention reading program that concentrates on phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, phonics, and spelling of particular words.

Three Advantages of Fundations:

  1. There is a step by step daily schedule for teachers to follow in order to ensure the students are learning the necessary material they need in order to be successful.
  2. There are multi-sensory aspects of the program that appeal to learners. The magnetic letter board which provides students additional practice with spelling words and the incorporation of the “echoing owl” provides the teacher with an additional instructional tool that aids the students in spelling of particular words and different sounds that letters make.
  3. The program is based around the five big areas of instructional principles of teaching literacy.

Jan 15-19th

This week in KB!!

Penguins and winter! We will be learning about Penguins, doing crafts and maybe even playing in snow!

Library books went home on Friday for your child’s enjoyment. Please return them on Wednesday so they can go back to the library. The rule is they must return a book before they can borrow another.

The Glen Stewart English kindergarten classes are beginning a program this week called Fundations. Fundations is used to teach important basics of reading and spelling with phonics. The children will review letter, sounds and how to form these letters. They will learn sounds using keywords to help them remember. They will move on to blend sounds into words. As the year progresses, Fundations introduces many aspects of word structure and sentence structure. We will be sending home parent information letters as we go along.  Fundations has a specific order that letters are introduced so we will be following the order in the program. This may involve some overlap of letters but review is never a bad thing. I am very excited to begin this program and I look forward to seeing many positive results! 🙂


January 8-12th

Enough with this cold weather!! We have a busy week and we’re ready to get to work!

This week in KB;

Letter: S

Sight word- look

Number – 8

We will also work with the “at” family of words and syllables(how many sounds in a word).

We will start Guided Reading Groups this week!

During guided reading, I work with students at their instructional level to guide them in using the context, visual, and structure cues within stories to generate meaning. … The end goal, as with any literacy component used in kindergarten, is for students to become confident, proficient readers who LOVE to read!

There are many benefits to Guided Reading:                                                                             1st- Students develop as individual readers which allows me to be available for support and scaffolding.

2nd-Students learn skills and strategies that will allow them to read difficult texts independently.

3rd- Students receive more individualized teaching time.

4th- Students experience success in reading for meaning.

5th- Teachers can use good literature to strengthen reading comprehension strategies.


Happy New Year!!

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and ready to get back to work! We have a couple of friends travelling this month so we hope they’re having fun. Safe travels back to COLD PEI!!

This week in KB-    Review Week- letters and sight words

Please dress your child with a winter coat, snow pants, boots, hat and mittens each day. We go outside every day (except when it’s colder than -20) and it’s COLD on our playground. Winter is here!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday!