Update for Dec 4-8th

December already!!?? It’s going to be a busy month. Some of our families don’t celebrate Christmas and some of us do. We will not focus on Santa but we have to discuss Christmas. I would like to share your family celebrations with the class as well!! Please feel free to share that information with me and I would be happy to educate the class!!!~ What a great way to celebrate the big world that we are all a part of!! 🙂

KB’s news:

Our good friend QiRan has moved away!  She was a great friend to everyone and we will miss her!

We have a new friend in KB. Her name is Elsa Tan and she moved to PEI from China. I am happy to say everyone has been very kind to her and she’s making friends already!

Letters of the week- A/T- working into the /at/ family of words

Sight word- we

math- Part part whole


Important Dates

December 8 – School Color Day (Red and White)

December 15 – Backwards Day

December 22 – Christmas Sweater Day