Last Blog for Kindergarten

I had a great year with the children and you, the parents.  You made my job much easier through your support, kind words and working with your child. The children made lots of friends and learned how to be a friend!! I am very proud of each of their accomplishments and will miss them next year! We have some friends moving to different provinces and different schools for September. It will be hard for us to say good bye to them!! 😦  You might notice or hear your child talk about this over the next few days. Mrs.Cutting and I will try to keep things “normal” and fun though this sad time!

Monday- We will celebrate Canada Day and music- We have some friends that won’t be with us on Wednesday so we wouldn’t want them to miss out on the fun!

Tuesday- Sports Day and Phys.Ed

Wednesday- Music and Clean the classroom- This will allow them closure to Kindergarten.

Thanks for a great year!! I was blessed to have a wonderful class and EA (Mrs.Cutting)!! I really don’t want to let everyone go!!!! Enjoy your summer and I wish each of you health and a fun safe summer!

PS- Please keep an eye out for pictures over the next week! You have heard the last of me yet! LOL


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