Update for June 5-9th

18 days left of school! I wish I could keep this class for another year! However, I am pleased to say they’re ready for grade1!! Everyone worked hard and developed at their own speed and everyone made progress!!!!!! What a great year! I have enjoyed every minute with this class and Mrs.Cutting! The fun isn’t over yet and we have some special things planned for the month!

Tuesday June 6th is Toy Day! Everyone can bring a toy and show and share it with their friends.

Wednesday June 7th Ben’s grandmother is coming in to have a sing along with us.

Wednesday June 14th we’re having a “Camping Day”. We’ll make tents with blankets and table. We will draw maps and read books in our tents.

Wednesday June 21st will be our Talent Show in our class. Everyone has a talent (dancing, telling jokes, hula hoop, skipping, etc…) and we want to show it off to their friends.

Thursday June 22nd is our field trip to King’s Castle. Rain date is Friday June 23rd.


Open House for Donagh-Zoned Students & Parents

Open house taking place on June 15th from 6:30-7:30 at Donagh Regional for students and parents that are being re-zoned to Donagh for the new school year.

This week in KB

Math- 3-D shapes

letters- vowels and printing lower case letters

music- Tuesday and Thursday

Phys Ed- Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Planting seeds

Mapping our community/ school