May 1-4th and concert info

The concert is Tuesday May 2nd and the children will be doing 2 performances that day! The first one starts at 1:10 pm and then 6:00 pm for the second and both shows take place in the gym! The doors will open at 5:30 on Tuesday and please deliver your child to our classroom and then you can head to the gym to get your seat. There will be 2 classes on the stage at once and they will do a little story and song. KB is with a french class doing Pete the Cat and the children can wear whatever they/you want!

Monday and Tuesday will be busy with our concert so to be honest not much work will get done until Wednesday.  I am going away for a week this Wednesday so please communicate with the sub (Mrs.Chubbs) through written notes or the office because I won’t be checking my emails. This is a surprise birthday day gift from my husband and friends! I am excited and nervous all at the same time! LOL

In KB Wednesday May3 -Wednesday May 10th

No school Friday May 5th

Letters- printing lower case- a/g/j

Our 5 senses

sight word- play

math- adding groups and introducing the plus and equals sign

Phys Ed- Wednesday May 3, Tuesday May 9th

Music- Thursday May 4th,  Monday May 8 and Wednesday May 10th

Extra music day- Tuesday May 9th

See you at the concert!!!


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