March 27-31st

Hi Everyone!!

I hope everyone had a relaxing and restful March Break!! We only have 3 months left of Kindergarten so we have to get busy!! Our foundation of letters and sight words is strong and now it’s time to add more and make connections to reading and writing.

This month we worked on word families /at/ug/it/ot so now we’re able to chuck up words- find little words that we know inside of bigger words. This is an important reading strategy that we call “chunky monkey”. We know about “eagle eye” (look at the pictures for clues) “stretchy snake” (sound out words) and now “chunky monkey”!!

This week in KB 

letter- L

word family- ing– We will become the King of ing!!

sight word- am

Math- introduce- problem solving tasks (PST). Learning how to approach and solve problems early in life,  helps children enjoy and look forward to sorting problems out themselves. In Kindergarten problem solving activities give children an opportunity to use skills they have learned previously and gives me an opening to teach new problem solving strategies.  I will introduce the vocabulary of solving problems with stories, puppets and everyday situations that occur. “We only have 5 apples but there are 10 students. This is a problem. Let’s think of some ways that we can solve this problem?”I like to use terms like, “a different way, let’s brainstorm, that’s a challenge, let’s think of some different solutions”.  I ask the children questions such as , “How would you…?” or “Show me how you could…?”, this helps set the stage for teaching with a problem solving approach.

Through PST the children are learning to:
Identify problems or challenges
Fact find (what do I know, what have I tried)
Think of ways to solve the problem (brainstorm, creative thinking, generate ideas)
Test their ideas

Plus, it’s fun because everyone loves a challenge!! 

Looking forward to seeing everyone and hearing all the stories!



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