Jan 23-27th

Hi Parents

We had a fun week learning about penguins. The biggest take away is a group of baby penguins is called a kindergarten! They thought that was the funnest thing!!

This week in KB:


Vowel- review A and introduce /E/

math- #8 and part part whole and counting backwards from 10

Theme- penguins

Library will be on Monday. Please return  library books so your child can check out another one!

Phys.Ed- Mon, Wed and Friday

Music- Tuesday and Thursday

We have started reading books!! Everyone has a “reading bag” with books in it that we can read! Plus, we have formal “reading” groups. This is done in small groups that focus on a certain learning goal. Some children are working on letter and sounds, others beginning and ending sounds while others are reading books. It is my job to meet the children where they are and scaffold their learning from that point. It would benefit your child to review sight words and/or letters each night. The more they know the easy reading and writing will be for them.

Have a great weekend!



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