Jan 16-20th

Forgot to post this on the weekend!!  This weather is crazy- one day it’s freezing and the next there’s mud and water. It might be a good idea to pack an extra set of socks and mittens each day and they can keep them in their backpacks.

This week in KB:

letter: V

Vowel- review A

number- #7

Theme: penguins

music- Mon, Wed and Friday and extra music with Mr.Kelly on Tuesday

phys.ed- Tues and Thursday


Family Literacy Day

Family Literacy Day takes place on Saturday, Jan. 28. Most public libraries are holding events to highlight the importance of families reading together. We are looking for pictures of your family reading together. Please send them in and we will post them.

Bus Notes

We are recently experiencing increased numbers of students traveling on some of our school buses. For this reason, the following busses at Glen Stewart Primary are closed to bus notes due to being filled to capacity…. Bus #4, Bus# 14, Bus # 193, Bus# 149, Bus# 26, Bus # 178, Bus #47( afternoon) and Bus # 41.

Sea Food Ban

seafood ban (all fish) is now in place at Glen Stewart Primary. We are asking everyone to avoid having seafood. Thanks!


Dates To Remember

Feb. 1 – School Effectiveness Day/No School

Feb. 10 – Professional Learning Day/No School

Feb. 20 – Islander Day/No Schoool


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