Happy New Year

Welcome back!! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I am looking forward to getting back to a routine and seeing everyone!! We have a busy month. We will continue to build a bank of sight words and start using them in our reading and writing. What an exciting time of year!!

“Reading is a process of getting meaning from print. Early reading includes the direct teaching of words and sounds. Children must be able to distinguish between different sounds of oral language for the purposes of achieving understanding. They also need basic knowledge about the written alphabet, sound-symbol relationships, and concepts of print because these are the basis for decoding and reading comprehension skills.” http://www.colorincolorado.org/article/reading-kindergarten

Themes this month will be Ginger Bread Man and Winter

Vowel Month

Letters, sight words and math this month:

Jan 4-6- my/  H/  count on/ vowel- A

Jan 9-13- look/ L/  #7/ vowel E

Jan 16-20- come/ V/ ten frame/  vowel I

Jan 23rd- 27th- here/ K/ #8/ vowel O

Jan 30- Feb 3rd- We/ W / #9/ vowel U

This week

Phys.Ed- Wed and Friday

Music- Thursday

Library- Wednesday


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