Dec 19-22nd

I think we have enough snow now!! We have four days this week so we’re going to try to make the most of them. We didn’t get to have Mrs.Meade’s Goodbye Party on Thursday afternoon! 😦  Mrs.Meade will be coming in for a couple of hours this week so we can celebrate and thank her!  I am thankful we did get to go bowling and they had a blast and everyone was so good!!!

This week in KB

Letters- T/J

Phys.Ed- Monday and Wednesday

Music- Tuesday and Thursday

No school on Friday

Our Party will be Thursday afternoon! We won’t be exchanging gifts that cost money. We’re going to exchange a picture and a note to each other. We’ll draw names so we can put more time and thought into this special gift.  We’ll do the exchange at our party!! In KB we use our words for kindness and to make each other feel good! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing what they’ll come up with!!

Back to school on Wednesday Jan.4th

Safe and Happy Holidays to everyone. This is a magical time for the little ones. Enjoy because they grow up so fast!



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