Nov 14th-18th

Parent Teacher Interviews take place Thursday evening and Friday during the day. No school on Friday Nov 18th.

Wifi- Glen Stewart will be going wireless this week. Just a heads up that all teachers will NOT have internet this Thursday or Friday. If you need to get a hold of me, please go through the office or the old fashion way …. a note in the homework bag! 🙂

Telephone (902) 569-0550

Fax (902) 569-0564

We have a new girl in our class. Everyone welcomed her with open arms and helped her on the playground! It was a very proud moment for me!!!! Welcome to KB, Kaeo!

Lots of great and wonderful things have been happening in KB. We’re learning to share, use our words for kindness (“if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all”) (“words can hurt people’s heart”), problem solve (with words and without a teacher), to use manners, be respectfully, how to be a audience, complete morning routine etc… The  list goes on and on! Plus, learning to read and write!! To celebrate these milestones we’re going to have a Pyjama Day (PJ Day). Please keep a lookout for a note in your child’s homework bag telling you when it will take place. They’re  going to write the note themselves- writing for a purpose!!! Please praise your child for the writing. It’s not about writing correctly, this is about empowering them and that their writing has a message!! Thanks!!!

Book Fair- During Parent-Teacher Interviews the library is set up for a book fair. A flyer went home in your child’s homework showing you some of the books that will be for sale! The average book cost around $6.00. Of course, there are some books that cost $30.00 so we stay away from those! We will go visit the book fair Wednesday am but you don’t have to purchase anything!!! If you want to send in money,  Mrs.Meade, Mrs.Cutting and myself will help your child find a book. The book fair will also be open Thursday evening and Friday morning just in case you want to Christmas shop!

Things will be working on this week:

Letter- M – sound and how to print it!

Sight word- By- This is so we can sign the books that we’re making!

Number- 6 and the 10 frame

Theme- Mrs.Wishy-Washy and bats

Beginning sounds- what’s the sound you hear in _____!





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