Halloween week

Halloween Party will be Monday Oct 31st morning. Please arrived dressed in your costume (that way I know which pieces belong to whom)! Our party will be all over by the 10:30 recess!! Should be a fun day. Abbie and Sharlene signed up for treats and Julie and Melissa signed up for “drinks” (the teachers might need this lol). Please keep in mind we only have 15 children in KB.

Rules for treats at school after trick or treating and the consumptions of treats through the whole week. My rule is one treat a day and it must be NO PEANUTS due to allergies. You can place all the blame on me with your child and tell them it’s Mrs.Hogan’s rule! I had to do that when my kids were little!! Lol !! I will also tell them the rule on Monday!! It could be a long week!!

Review week- no new letters or sight words will be introduced this week. Please review the letters F/E/B/P/R/D and  the sight words the/like/see/in/can/you! You can use candy as a motivator now! hehe

No animoto this weekend! Sorry I forgot my camera at school on Wednesday. It totally threw me that Wednesday was the last day of the week.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Mrs.Cutting, Mrs.Meade and I are looking forward to seeing everyone’s costumes tomorrow!! I’ll take lots of pictures for you!! I love Halloween!! Be safe Monday night!!

Special note– A celebration in KB for Max. He became a big brother (again) to a little brother! Congrats to Max and his family as they welcome Thomas into the Keough Clan!!


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