October 17-21st

National Library Week- We have been reading about Cat in the Hat this month so on Thursday (dress like an Author Day) we’re going to make Cat in the Hat’s hats!  So don’t stress over how to dress your child like an author! Of course, you’re more than welcome to do so!! Jennifer and I would love to see what you come up with. hehe

Next Thursday and Friday (Oct 27th and 28th) there will be no school due to the annual Teacher’s Convention.

New in KB this week! We have a UPEI Education Student starting her practicum on Thursday Oct 20th until Dec 15th. Her name is Lexi Meade and she’s awesome!! We’re very lucky to have her and the extra hands for small groups, reading and one on one opportunities will benefit everyone!! We can wait to show off our class (because the children are so wonderful) to her!! I am sure you’ll hear Mrs.Meade’s name a lot over the next 6 weeks!

Learning this week:

Letter /B/

SW- like

math- numbers 1-5

Theme- Halloween

Phys.Ed- Mon, Wed and Friday

Music – Tuesday and Thursday and Extra music on Wednesday

Looking forward to another week!! I hope everyone had a great weekend!!


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