Update for Oct 11-14th

Teddy Bear Clinic will be Thursday Oct 13th with the Nursing students from UPEI. Please send in a teddy bear or a doll on Thursday.

Learning this week:

Letter- P

sight word- you

number 5- I have decided to skip to 5 and then go backwards. We need to anchor with 5 so we can do more interesting hands on activities (introduce the 5 frame, part part whole (take numbers apart), count and sort). It appears that everyone understands the concept of each number up to 5 ….just some need to practice the formation of the numbers. This is something we can practice throughout the year! 🙂

Mrs. Wishy-Washy is the big book we’ll be working with for the rest of the month. The book gives us opportunity to use the sight words-the/you/go/in/ and to act out the story. I am sure you’ll hear lots about Mrs. Wishy-Washy.

Theme- Apples and our 5 senses!

Halloween crafts will start this week too!

Phys Ed- Tuesday and Thursday

Music- Wednesday and Friday

Extra music class- Tuesday


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