Sept 19th-24th

Friday September 23rd no school!

What a great turn out for Meet the Teacher Thursday night!! I was very impressed and pleased to see so many parents! On behalf of Jennifer Cutting (our class EA) and myself thank-you!! It’s going to be a great year!! 🙂

Here’s what’s happening this week:

Letter of the week- E

Sight word- /the /.   Last week was /see/ – Now we can start to read sentences – I see the _____. The book we’re working with this week is Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see! This book will reinforce our two sight words and there will be lots of fun activities set up in areas for the children to have hands on work (play) with these words.

Math- counting to 5 forwards and backwards and making groups that add up to 5.  We’ll be practicing printing the number 2 this week.

Phonological Awareness- the focus this week is RHYMING! We’ll sing songs and play games around rhyming.

Library will be Monday but no books will go home until January.

Phys.Ed- Monday and Wednesday

Music- Tuesday and Thursday

Here’s to another great week in KB!!!!



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