Successful first week!

We survived the first week of school!! Congrats parents! I know it’s not easy to let go but you did it!! It was a very hot week and everyone was tried by Friday so the worst is behind us now! 🙂 I had a great week with your child and our EA, Jennifer Cutting!!!  We were busy learning names, how to cut, how to use a little dot of glue and practicing our manners.

The upcoming week looks like this:

We will continue to work on establishing our classroom routines and expectations

Rhyming games- We’ll be singing and making silly words

Sight word- see

Letter of the week- F

Monday is Day 5.  We have music on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Phys. Ed – Tuesday and Thursday

Meet the Teacher night is Thursday at 6:30 in the classroom. I hope to see you there!! 

My email is or call the school at 569-0550!


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